Bipolor Disorder Essay

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     In today’s society there are many different psychological disorders that people face on a daily basis. Often times the individuals know they even have the disorder until someone else recognizes it. One particular disorder is the Bipolar disorder. It has many different classifications and definitions, symptoms, and treatments. It is very inportant to notice this disorder in its beginning stages so it can be controlled.
     The bipolar disorder has often been classified and defined by many different terms. Its been also known a manic depressive illness, characterized by extreme and disabling highs, considered to be mania, and low points, known as depression. It effects a considerable
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     Doctors and researchers do not know exactly what causes bipolar disorder. But a variety of biologic, genetic and environmental factors seem to be involved in causing and triggering episodes of the disorder. Evidence indicates that differences in the chemical messengers between nerve cells in the brain, also called neurotransmitters, occur in people who have bipolar disorder. In many cases people with the bipolar disorder may have genetic disposition for the disorder. The abnormality may be in genes that regulate neurotransmitters. Factors that may contribute to or trigger episodes of bipolar disorder include drug abuse and stressful or psychologically traumatic events.
     It has been concluded that the bipolar disorder tends to run in families. A family history appears to exist in most cases of bipolar disorder. Researchers are attempting to identify genes that may make people susceptible to the bipolar disorder.               
     Your doctor may ask you or a family member who has accompanied you about your signs and symptoms and to describe apparent episodes of mania and depression. Diagnosis also involves ruling out other mental health conditions that may produce some symptoms similar to bipolar disorder.

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