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Getting Started
You should always write truthfully
Writing about your childhood in a lot of detail is a good way to start
Holidays are usually good to write about because there is a lot of detail.
Writing at the same time helps creativity in stories.
,Writing is more important than being published
,Books make you notice the small details in life
Books can enhance your imagination.
Many lose their confidence when they begin writing since it is difficult for them to get down their thoughts in a truthful and interesting way
Many writing students do not know where they should begin writing

Short Assignments
Thinking about people before you start helps your imagination
Breathing slowly while writing can help
You never know what
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rough discovery and action
Something must be at risk in your writing or it will have no tension, suspension, or attention to the reader
You must listen to your characters and the qualities that you have given them in order to create a vivid and continuous plot with movement
ABDCE- Action, Background, Development, Climax, Ending

Dialogue is very critical in writing since it can make the piece exciting, or it can fully extinguish the tone of your story
Dialogue should be exclusive in order to classify it to a exact character
Each character must have its own specific, identifiable characteristics
Good dialogue gives the reader the feel that he is spying and it encompasses both what is said and what is not said
Dialogue is the way to create the individualities of a character
Remember that nobody is going to read your first drafts

Set Design Rooms give us loads of info about our past and present and who we are
It is a good idea to ask an expert in something or an outside reference in order to help you paint a picture in your book using specific ideas that are not familiar to you

False Starts
When you write about characters, readers want to know all about their leaves, colors, and growth, but readers also want to know who the characters are when their underlying covers are removed
You can only see characters’ underlying essence when you strip away the busyness, and then some surprising connections
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