Bird : Week 6 Assignment

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Bird: Week 6 Assignment – Rough Draft of Paper Section: Team A
Introduction Section
From the beginning of time our species has had to learn to adapt to their world. Through this development process, we have learned how to expand our primitive developments over time to achieve maximum results. We constantly are evolving and adapting to the world around us. These changes can be brought on by climate changes, technology advancements, as well as resource changes. If we look at the Industrial revolution, we can see this process in full swing. A boom of new technologies started happening. The push for this was to maximize the industries results. With these new developments implemented, products were able to be produced faster and better. This is the process that we continuously go through.
Today we are in the grips of a new revolution, the resource revolution. We have balanced out and realized that with our old practices and some new ones, we are straining our resources. Also, we have developed harmful technologies to increase profits and production such as genetically modifying crops and animals. True these processes did benefit our culture in the beginning by supplying industries with more products at cheaper prices, but it has become apparent, that this is a dangerous substitution to a growing situation. The situation is that our culture has gotten to a point where we are surviving on processed food items with heavy amounts of dangerous elements, i.e.: hormones, genetically…
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