Birmingham Campaign Speech Persuasive Speech

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Interviewer: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr: Good evening, it’s a privilege being here to discuss an important matter with you all. Interviewer: I hear that you 're going to talk about the history of Racial Discrimination which happened in Birmingham, 1963. Martin Luther King Jr: Yes, that is true. I believe it is time for the audience to learn the truth about the Birmingham Campaign that happened in 1963. Interviewer: We are trying to find out about the Birmingham Campaign. Could you tell us about it? What has the situation in Birmingham been like? Martin Luther King Jr: As my duty of establishing the Birmingham Campaign through the support from SCLC, it was a peaceful…show more content…
The Birmingham Police Department was also involved and led by Eugene Bull Connor, who played a part in breaking up the protests. They did this by using high-pressure water hoses and releasing attack dogs on the protesters. This campaign was designed as a non-violent protest and involved the media and the world 's attention about the segregation issue in Birmingham. This media coverage brightens my reputation which led Eugene Bull Connor to be removed from his job and forced desegregation in Birmingham. Due to the media coverage, it also changed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The change meant that there will no longer be any racial discrimination when hiring people for jobs and for the use of public facilities throughout the United States. Interviewer: Tell us about how Birmingham has been affected or impacted by the protest? Martin Luther King Jr: Well on the 10th of April 1963, Bull Connor, who oversaw the Birmingham Police station kept the protestors in one cell and increased bail charges for the protesters from $300 to $1,200. This made me to ignore the court order and start planning for new ideas for the campaign to become more successful. The SCLC and I had obeyed the court order of the Albany protests which meant that obeying them was the biggest mistake made. This is because it allocated towards the lack of success of the Albany campaigns. The upcoming mayor Albert Boutwell commented that the SCLC organizers and I as strangers, as well
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