Birmingham Jail Dbq

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On page one, in paragraph four, Dr. King claims that he could not wait around in Atlanta knowing how what violence and discrimination was currently happening in Birmingham. However, if he could not stand for not doing anything to help, why did he not join the freedom riders movement, which surfaced many of the problems happening in Birmingham?

On page five, in paragraph 24, Dr. King states, “If his repressed emotions are not released in nonviolent ways, they will seek expression through violence...” Would Dr. King himself act out in violence if his rights were delayed any longer or would he continue preaching and controlling the non-violence?

On page six, paragraph 29, Dr. King writes , “...I have longed to hear the white ministers declare;
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1. Paragraph 7) What Dr. King said here was very important to the steps involved to gain people of color their rights. These people were being ignored constantly. These store owners had one thing they could have done to make a huge impact and instead, they blew off the negotiation terms. After this promise was broken as stated in the quote, the direct action of Dr. King’s movement really began. They were sick and tired of being victims of broken promises therefore, they started to peacefully protest due to injustice. These protests and movements sparked media and press on the issues in the southern United States.
“For years now I have hears the word ‘Wait’ has almost always meant ‘Never’.” (King, Pg. 2. Paragraph 11) This quote is one of the most important ones in this whole letter. He brings attention to how long the people of color had to wait for rights that were supposed to be made equally amongst everyone. For decades, the white majority within the government avoid basic rights because of a skin color. Everyone is the same on the inside so why did the government put this off for so long? This quote captures the harassment and the ignorance these people had to face in order to live equally in the “land of the
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