Birth And Control : The Influence Of Birth Control

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Birth control has two hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone. These two work together to stop eggs from being released from the ovaries. Besides preventing pregnancies, it prevents menstrual cramps and lightens periods, and it also helps woman with their skin. Some disadvantages would be you have to take it daily, it doesn’t protect against STDs, may cause depression, and blood clots. With the current insurance coverage, you can get birth control for $0-$50 a month. But planned parenthood offers it for free. Birth control implant is 99% effective, the birth control pill is 91%, and a condom is 85% effective (Planned Parenthood).
When people hear birth control, automatically, negative thoughts come into their head. This is an issue women face for taking it or even showing support. People assume they know all about birth control but in reality they don’t. This typically comes from men when it affects them as well. Men don’t know what women do to prevent a pregnancy which is not right. Men and women should be educated on what birth control is, how it affects both parties, and what happens to a woman's body while taking it. Carl Djerassi was the father of the birth control pill after he created the key ingredient used in oral contraceptives (Gibson). The importance of his discovery can’t be understated. Today, a staggering 99% of American women of childbearing age report using some form of contraception at one time or another. Condoms came about in 1844, when American
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