Birth And Developmental History : Ava Bracciante

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Ava Bracciante, an eight year-one month old female, who has been attending Lehman College Speech and Hearing Clinic since spring 2014 due to parental concerns regarding her articulation. She is currently attending the clinic once a week for 50-minute sessions. Ava’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bracciante, provided the case history report and stated that Ava received a speech-language evaluation at the Ampark School in 2014. The evaluation revealed gliding of the lingua-palatal rhotic /r/ and vocalization of the rhotic diphthong /ɚ/; her intelligibility was not compromised; therefore, she did not qualify for services. Mrs. Bracciante reported that she has seen an improvement in Ava’s speech and is an active participant to her progress. Birth and Developmental History Ava was born on January 30, 2007 following an uneventful full-term pregnancy and delivery. She was hospitalized at age three for fainting, where the etiology was unknown. No allergies, illnesses, or medications were reported. Motor and speech-language developmental milestones were achieved at developmentally appropriate time frames: Ava sat at 6 months, crawled at 6 months, stood at 10 months, walked at 14 months, used single words at 10 months, combined words at 14 months, and engaged in conversation at 18 months. Family and Social History Ava resides in the Bronx, NY with her biological parents, and 5-year-old brother, John. Mr. and Mrs. Bracciante stated that English is the primary language. Mrs. Bracciante

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