Birth Control And Abortion Should Not Be Used Widely

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Birth Control and Abortion Should Not be Used Widely
Submitted by: Yuhuan Yu
Submitted to: Daniela Greco-Giancola
Class: Act Writing
Date: August 11, 2014
Word Count: 1281

The world population is 7.046 billion and there are 8.260 million new babies are born every year (Worldometers n.d.), because of this global over population problem, some countries’ government allowed birth control pill and medicine or artificial abortion can be used to control the population. Now, due to different reason women use birth control pill and abortion more wide than before to stop they get pregnancy. However, most women and governments do not realize the harms of birth control pill and abortion. About this issue, Chinese one child policy always is a contentious problem. In China, there are 400 million babies were not be born after Chinese government implemented one child policy since 1982 (Mosher. 2011). Based on one child policy, the increasing of population is slow down, however in last two decades year, a lot of women who had second child were tolled to take abortion forcibly or pay an extremely expensive cost. However, the harms of birth control pill and abortion are more than this. Birth control pill and abortion should not be used widely are harmful to women’s health, lead to some social issues and they violate human tights.
Birth control pill and abortion not only can affect women’s body health, but also affect women’s psychological health. Birth control pill and medicine
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