Birth Control And Reproductive Rights

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In the early 1900 's Margaret Sanger revolutionized the lives of women forever by securing the rights of women to control their own fertility and the rights of a child to be wanted. Today we take birth control for granted and it is indeed a right that we give little or no thought too therefore It is difficult to imagine Sangers struggle to introduce birth control and reproductive rights in the U.S.A as being fraught with controversy and causing her to be pursued as a criminal. The 'Comstock Act ' of 1873 meant that by simply providing any information on birth control a person was breaking the law and risked arrest. This essay aims to show the significance of Margaret Sangers contribution to nursing, how she created change in the United states as a whole as well as in the nursing profession and the lasting legacy she has left to nursing. When she received her first major honor, the Medal of Achievement off the American Women 's Association in 1931, the citation recognized that she "fought a battle single handed .. . a pioneer of pioneers ( Holt, Rinehart & Winston cited in Wardell, D 1980).
Starting her crusade in 1912 Margaret Sanger created the kind of change that one would often only see once in a lifetime, the type of change that was so significant that it changed the lives of not only many in her own lifetime but the lives of millions in future generations. The Comstock Act of 1873 was without doubt the largest obstacle she would encounter during her reproductive…

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