Birth Control And The Pregnancy Prevention

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Throughout history, women have been fighting for their rights. They fought for their right to speak publicly, their right to work, and their right to vote. Today, women have the rights to control their lives as they wish. However, as close as the early 1900’s, women still did not have the basic right to control their fertility. Working as a nurse, Margaret Sanger believed that women should maintain the right to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies. Margaret Sanger is The Woman Rebel who, despite overwhelming opposition, pioneered the way for modern family planning and, more importantly, the female sexual revolution.
The subject of birth control and the debate on whether birth control should be used is not a new subject. For centuries, women were using primitive and unsafe means of birth control to prevent pregnancies. Women had little education on the matter of pregnancy prevention. Many cultures were against birth control, including the Roman Catholic Church who strongly opposed the use of any birth control or artificial means of preventing pregnancy. In the United States, women face an especially stubborn resistance in the Comstock Laws. Disgusted by growing prostitution and pornography in the United State, Anthony Comstock lobbied that distribution of birth control and information to prevent conception promoted such lewd acts. In 1873, Congress eventually passed the Comstock Act which stated “That no obscene, lewd, or lascivious book, pamphlet,
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