Birth Control Essay

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People have been having sex since the beginning of time; after all, how would we be here today if they had not. Yet, there has also been the pervasive problem of how to gain control over reproduction, in essence, how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is a challenge, even today, in an age of technological advancements, mass communication and education. However, through the years, the spread of information and awareness surrounding birth control has resulted in its increased availability and an improvement in the lives of both men and women. People are very clever and ingenious and have, throughout history, devised a variety of birth control methods. The earliest known contraceptive came from the Egyptian women of around…show more content…
The introduction of the condom in the 1700’s was very important. The first condoms were made of animal intestines. They were not nearly as effective as the latex condoms of today (Wikipedia, 2). Even so, according to 1920’s and 1930’s studies, the male condom was the second most popular form of birth control, with withdrawal being the first (Gordon 63). Interestingly, the condom was not originally accepted as a form of birth control. Instead, it was championed as being a shield against venereal disease. After WWI, the acceptance of the condom as a form of contraception was more widely recognized because even people who were opposed to the use of birth control understood its value in preventing disease. This helped lead to its increased use, and decreased some of the stigma to which it was attached (London 4). Real awareness surrounding birth control came about when abortion was no longer viewed as acceptable. By examining women’s diaries and correspondence, it was discovered that abortion was relatively widespread and not socially frowned upon up until, the beginning of the 19th century. Even Protestants and Catholics thought abortion should be allowed until “’quickening’- the moment the fetus was believed to gain life” (London 3). However, by the mid 19th century many states began creating laws rendering abortion
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