Birth Control Importance

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The Importance of Teenage Access to Contraceptives
About 77% of all teenage pregnancies are accidental, and of those, 30% end in abortion, the solution preventing the unwanted pregnancies at hand is the guaranteed access to over-the counter birth control. Girls avoid contraceptives for many reasons, whether it be prohibiting parents, lack of education, or monetary issues concerning health care. These limitations cumulatively lead to teenage pregnancies, which amount to far greater sacrifice and consequence than the simple ability for a teenage girl to walk into a pharmacy and purchase a pill, or patch of her choice which could prevent a child being brought into this world to unwilling, and incompetent parents. Access to over-the-counter birth control could solve these problems, and ultimately limit the amount of teenage pregnancies in America.
Many parents do not allow their children to take birth control. Their intentions, although in the right place, do not always produce the outcome they originally long for. Whether their reasoning stems from religious beliefs, or social standards, these parents are creating
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In the case where birth control were to be offered over the counter, young women would not need the approval of their guardian, they could purchase it just as any other item in a pharmacy. The embarrassment a young woman has when asking her father for birth control is unimaginable. If her parents don't allow her to take birth control in the first place, why would they be pleased with the idea of her having sex? Easier access can put a cap on this embarrassment and discomfort and create a less negative connotation on the subject of birth control for teenage girls. This could also improve upon the home life of young women in their relationship with their parents. In this case, the act of teenage sex isn’t always preventable, and for the parents ignorance is
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