Birth Control Is A Powerful Tool

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Birth control is a powerful tool. It gives women the power to choose when they are ready to have a baby, with whom they wish to have it with, and how many children to limit the family to. In the past, women had no control over childbearing due to many restrictions. With Margaret Sanger’s efforts, birth-control awareness became accepted by the people and the legal system, changing the lives of countless women in their fight towards equal opportunity. She changed the way that childbearing was viewed in America and paved a road that led to gender equality.
Limited knowledge of contraceptives caused great suffering for women during Margaret Sanger’s childhood. Starting from 1873, a law called the Comstock Act that decreed it “illegal to
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This impacted Sanger’s life to such a great extent that it put her on the path to becoming a birth control advocate, fighting for the rights of women.
Margaret Sanger developed an interest in birth control advocacy through her involvement in the movement for women’s rights, dedicating her life in support of contraceptive awareness. “In the early 1900s, women began advocating for greater access to contraception and birth control information, both to increase women’s independence and to decrease unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions” (“State Abortion Laws”). Sanger joined the movement, becoming a member of many female rights organizations. “As a member of the Socialist Party and a woman’s labor organizer, Sanger met [influential] leader such as Eugene V. Debs, Emma Goldman, and Bill Haywood of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)”. As a result of influence from Goldman and other radical women, “Sanger became convinced that married women could never become equal without being able to control childbearing” (McPherson and Gertle).
The popular “women’s rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s emphasized reproductive rights as an essential component of women’s liberation” that would lead to gender equality. Feminists argued that “only once a woman can control her reproductive lives can she fully participate in society as
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