Birth Control Is The Practice Of Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies

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Imagine you ran out of your favorite toothpaste but instead of just running to the nearest drug store you have to call your doctor’s office, set an appointment, receive a prescription then go to the pharmacy to have it filled just to get a new tube of toothpaste. Obviously people do not have to go through this process just to get toothpaste but they do in fact have to go through this process to obtain birth control pills. According to, birth control is the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies; it used all around the world. There are many different contraceptive types that people use to prevent unwanted pregnancies, including, but not limited to, condoms, vaginal rings, sponges, implants, shots, abstinence, and birth control pills. Practicing safe sex should be ready option for all people. Men wear condoms while women take birth control; it is as simple as that. However, why is it that anyone can buy condoms, but in order for a woman to get birth control, she must have a prescription? This paper will explain the health benefits of birth control, discuss the consequences of not having direct access to the pill, and the effects of making birth control more accessible. Over-the-counter access to the pill could be a game-changer for public health, eliminating an unnecessary barrier to a highly effective form of birth control. The benefits of providing birth control pills over the counter far outweigh the risks and as a society we should be strong

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