Birth Control Movement : Margaret Sanger

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The birth control movement was created in early 20th century by Progressive and Socialist reformers like Margaret Sanger. She and other birth control activists would fight for women’s access to birth control through the 20th century which has gone on to affect American women today. In order to analyze the affect that birth control has had on America, it is necessary to look at the works of Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement of the progressive era. A good primary source with information that assesses the birth control movement is the collection of anonymous letters sent to Margaret Sanger entitled Motherhood in Bondage, published in 1928. A secondary source used is the book Margaret Sanger And the Birth Control Movement In America, written by Ellen Chesler in 1992. Lastly, a tertiary source is the PBS website,}bh/amex/pill/timeline/ that discusses the timeline of birth control in America. If it were not for the progressive thinking and radical changes promoted by the socialist party, birth control would have never been able to make its mark on American history First to promote the Birth Control movement was radical political activist, Margaret Sanger. At nineteen years old, Margaret watched her mother of only fifty years old die from tuberculosis. Out of anger she immediately blamed her father for putting the strain of eleven childbirths and seven miscarriages on her mother (PBS). This would begin her career for helping women. Sanger
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