Birth Control Of Infant Control

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Birth control pills is one of the biggest debate in our society, there’s many people against and also people that support the case. Birth Control consist in : “any of various preparations that usually contain a combination of a progestogen (as norethindrone) and an estrogen (as ethinyl estradiol) but sometimes only a progestogen, are taken orally especially on a daily basis, and act as contraceptives typically preventing ovulation by suppressing secretion of gonadotropins” (Dictionary).There are many different types of birth control, and different effects for each kind you just need to find the right one, many people have their own believes to accept birth control or oppose. Now exist a lot of ways for you to take care of your body not using pills but it consist in the same that is not getting pregnant. Some of those different methods are abstinence, Birth control implant, birth control patch, birth control shot, birth control sponge, birth control vagina ring, breastfeeding, cervical cap, condom, diaphragm, morning after pill, outer course, spermicide, and vasectomy, well those are not it but are the ones that most people uses. Over all that list the most common are the pills, and are the one that have different uses. Birth control pills and all of those ways to prevent pregnancy not always works the only method that works is the abstinence, the right to decide and say no to have sex. The other ways that is less possibility to get pregnant is by using birth control
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