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Over the last century, the birth control pill was introduced as an effective form of contraception, creating a huge milestone in public health. In its brief lifetime, birth control pills have already evolved and improved in their effectiveness of contraception, as well as, other health benefits. However, where there are benefits, there are also risks. Numerous studies have been conducted on the correlation between birth control pills and blood clots in women. Specific types of birth control pills have been proven to increase the risk of developing blood clots. Specifically, drospirenone-containing birth control pills and certain oral combined contraceptive pills (OCCP) have been linked to increased risks of blood clots. The issue
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V., 2014). This has been a controversial issue for some time now due to contradicting evidence of various studies. The consideration of both the risks and benefits of birth control pills should be a part of the contraceptive decision-making process for every woman. The aim of this review is to determine whether there is a correlation between birth control pills and blood clots in women, and if so, which specific types of pills are responsible for this increased risk. If women consume certain types of birth control pills, then they are expected to be at a higher risk of developing blood…show more content…
Amoozegar et al.’s (2015) conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to determine if the use of OCP increases the risk of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST). Amoozegar et al.’s (2015) review article found that use of OCPs does in fact increase the risk for women of reproductive age to develop CVST. In Amoozegar et al.’s (2015) studies, it was found that the odds of developing CVST for women aged 15-50 taking OCPs was 7.59 times higher than those not taking OCPs. This study however did not study which specific form(s) of hormonal contraception pills are linked to this increased risk of developing

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