Birth Defects And Its Effects On Society

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5 May 2017

Studies have been completed, showing that 10% of birth defects are caused by chemicals in industrial products.("Birth Defects and Environmental Causes." ) The chemicals in industrial products come from many things, however, food is one of the largest contributors to birth defects. Therefore, it is important that consumers understand how the industry 's use of chemicals can affect one’s, health through their use of packing, synthetic chemicals, and the alternatives to chemical filled foods.
People that work with plastic bottling plants and people who use plastics that are not BPA free have a chance to be harmed permanently. Being exposed to large amount of BPA can permanently harm
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(Corbett)Polyurethane laminating, an adhesive for flexible packaging is easy and cheap to use as a sealant for food packaging. However, it can cause cancer if it react to the moisture in the food causing aromatic amines, which can be deadly. This adhesive is bad because it can react with the moisture for 41 plus days after it has cured, unlike other adhesives stop reacting seconds after being cured.(Corbett)
There are many ways humans are exposed to chemicals in food, for example eating processed meats, drinking soda, eating foods with preservatives, or taking dietary supplements. Eating 50 grams or more of processed meats every day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. That is equivalent to about 4 strips of bacon of 1 hot dog. Red meat also increases the risk of colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate cancer.(Simon)The lifetime risk of developing colon cancer is 5%. By eating processed meat, the risk of developing colon cancer would rise to 6%. Which is substantially larger than the normal 5%. (Simon) Meat is not the only food that has major health effects, soda has bad health effects too. Aspartame is a chemical that is used in soda as an artificial sweetener. It has many harmful effects to the human body even in medium intakes. Some of the many effects are blindness, impaired hearing, numbness of the limbs, atypical facial pain, headaches.(Gold) Aspartame does not just have

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