Birth Defects

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Birth Defetc s No one is immune to birth defetc s, yet not everyone is equally susceptible. Birth defetc s are not merely a medical problem. They have profound effetc s on the social and psychological well being of their family and friends. In the normal course of fetal development, cells migrate to their appropriate destination so that organs and limbs form where they should. Usually, the genes perform flawlessly, but mistakes can and do occur. Some of the most common birth defetc s results from the interaction between one or two abnormal genes out of 100,000 that make up who we are. This is caused by the genes parents pass on or effetc ed by drugs and alcohol upon the fetus of a new born child. Down's syndrome,…show more content…
Spina bifida is hereditary and some other factors may be involved, such as drugs or alcohol and even the environment. " True genetic disease are distinguished from diseases in which genetic factors play a part in the causation of the disorder, but are not totally responsible for the disease" Strom 117). Mutations causing birth defetc s are not the result of a single gene but, have some genetic components in their causation. Therefore certain birth defetc s are prone to occur repeatedly in families but, not to be considered purely genetic such as spina bifida. Other causes of birth disorders are causes from drug and alcohol abuse while pregnant. When a woman uses drugs during pregnancy, she is not only damaging her health, but also that of her unborn child. The most harmful drugs are those classified as narcotics ( cocaine ,heroin etc ). Other harmful substance include alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. " A women's inter- uterine environment is designed to protetc the fetus from external injury and to assure proper nutrition. Fetal homeostasis is however heavily dependent on the maternal habitat and can easily be subjetc ed to the harmful effetc s of drug and alcohol misuse (Gardner 1). In marked contrast, alcohol purchase and consumption carries few restrictions and in terms of damage to the

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