Birth Of A Nation : The Birth Of A Nation

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Equality. This word carries an enormous amount of meaning and relativeness in today’s society. After the turning points in history such as the 13th and 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights movement, and many others, African Americans are still in a critical battle for equal and fair treatment by the judiciary body of government. The disproportion of blacks being murdered by civil servants in relation to the Caucasian percentage is highly alarming and telling of how far this country still has to progress. It seems as every day, new footage is being released that shows police officers shooting unarmed black citizens. The African American’s uphill battle is one of the most telling and critical on going struggles this country has created.
To trace the origins of this conflict, a person has to look in the founding roots of this country. The film, Birth of a Nation, was part of the foundation that portrayed African American males as rapists and a threat towards Caucasian women established a firm foundation in the criminalization ideology and animalistic nature believed to be inside of minorities. This largely popular film by D.W. Griffith, was the first demonization and criminalization of the black population, specifically the black male (DuVernay & Averick, 2016). While this image has evolved over time from rapists to now drug dealers/users and gang affiliates. The criminalization of the African American is part of the key reason blacks feel they are targeted by police.

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