Birth Of Three : A Program Set Up For Infants And Toddlers

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Birth to Three
What is birth to three? Birth to three is a program set up for infants and toddlers (ages newborn to 36 months) that have developmental delays and disabilities. This program is a community-based program that is known statewide across and across the United States. Birth to Three promotes and supports a family-centered approach to intervention of the early years in childhood. The program is big on uniformity when it comes to the interventions available across the state, which also involves education, health, and social service systems. (Human Services-Community Programs Division.(n.d.), 2014.) Birth to Three program has a certain requirement that the child needs to meet for him/her to be deemed eligible, those requirements are: child must have at least a 25% developmental delay noted by the Birth to Three evaluation or on other medical documentation. Evaluation will consist of the child’s cognitive development, physical/motor development, speech/language development, social/emotional development, and adaptive development. Otherwise, there must be a high probability of a developmental delay, or atypical development occurring later on. Qualifications are not subjected to income guidelines and there is no such thing as a wait list. (Human Services-Community Programs Division.(n.d.),2014.) (Birth to 3 Program: Eligibility. (n.d.), 2014.) After being accepted into the Birth to Three program the physicians that work with child and the parents are known as Birth to…
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