Birth Order Affects on Personality

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His name is Michael Grose, who has worked with children all his professional life and has published four books about Birth Order and Parenting. The typical book about Birth Order is “Why first-borns rule the world and last-borns want to change it” (2003), which answers the question “why the children in a family have the same gene, a similar socio-economic environment and experience similar parenting styles have fundamentally different personalities, interests and even different careers”.

In contrast with all first three key authors, Judith Rich Harris is a female writer, who does not believe in Birth Order Affects on Personality. She is a psychologist who received a master’s degree in psychology from Harvard University and has done many researches about Children Life, Personality and Perspective to back up her ideas. “Why Are Birth Order Effects Dependent on Context?” (2002) has proven that there is no relation between Birth Order and Personality. Furthermore, she also wrote an article against the book “Born To Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics and Creative Lives” (1997) written by Frank J. Sulloway.


Birth Order is defined as a chronological order of siblings’ birth in the multiple birth of a family (Birth Order, 2009) Birth Order lets people know how to feel about others’ behaviour, reveals why people do what they do and shows the strategies people use (Clifford) Birth Order helps people to be able to cope with obstacles of the world and discover
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