Birth Order Effect : Busted

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Birth Order Effect: Busted Winston Churchill once said “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Churchill was the oldest child in his family and eventually went on to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The question remains; does birth order determine who people will become? Cultural norms lead people to believe that oldest children are responsible and driven, while the babies of the family are spoiled and irresponsible; a reevaluation of this idea needs to be taken. Children are not directly influenced by the order of birth within their family, rather, the way their parents treat them individually has a greater impact on the family as a whole. Birth order can no longer be the scapegoat for misbehavior. While many people would like to blame birth order for certain personality traits as well as behavioral patterns, birth order can no longer take responsibility. Sometimes birth order can have correlation with specific behaviors that are exhibited, but it is not a big deciding factor in the grand scheme of things. A writer for the Huffington Post recently explained that “These links between personality and birth order ring true for many people. But decades of research have failed to show any consistent and substantial association between birth order and any personality trait” (Haslam). As children grow up, they tend to have a bend toward a certain personality type. Many factors are involved in shaping who people will become, however, birth order

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