Birth Order and Its Efects on Personality

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Birth order Have you ever wondered why you and your siblings never get along, or why you are so different? I wondered the same thing until I read an article about birth orders effects on personality. This had to be why she had never spent an hour away from my parents and I haven't willingly been within thirty feet of them since I was six, Why I love to read well above my grade level and my sister, a sixth grader, reads mainly Captain Underpants books when not glued to the T.V. and why we are a similar as oil and water. Before I start explaining what birth order does I want clarify exactly what it is. When I said birth order I know at least one person, probably more thought of something similar to astrology. In some ways they…show more content…
Your specialty is making people laugh and you are often an extreme chatterbox. you, as the youngest, love to be noticed. Unfortunately you tend to get bored quickly and have a short attention span. you also have a strong fear of rejection. As the family jester many of the famous youngest children are comedians. People such as Drew Carey, Jim Carey, Eddie Murphy, Rosie O'Donnell, and Whoopee Goldberg are all the youngest in their family. There has been a lot of conflict about whether or not birth order has any impact on intelligence. Those who say that there is a connection between birth order and intelligence say that intelligence is lower in large families and that the youngest children in these family had the lowest IQ. A the raven test which was administered by researchers Belmont and Marolla showed that scores decreased as family size increased and that younger children had a lower score than there older siblings. Those who disagree say that intelligence is hereditary and parents with low IQ are the ones that have large families. This theory, Like all the others I have presented are open to exceptions, both of my parents are from large families, my mother having 4 older siblings and my father having 6 older and 1 younger siblings, Not only are they both intelligent people but they also only had two children my sister and me. While birth order may provide a lot of information about a
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