Birth Tourism : The United States

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Birth Tourism Birth tourism is an ongoing problem in the United States. The definition of Birth Tourism is when a person travels to another country for the purpose of giving birth in that country. “Anchor Baby” is another related term which can have negative connotations. Some reasons for the practice include free schooling, medical needs and citizenship for both the child and the parents. According to M. Ormonde in her article “Debunking the Myth of the Anchor Baby”, she claims the problem with birth tourism is that once a parent has a child in the United States, then they cannot leave the country with the child; this is where the term ‘Anchor baby’ comes from. (Ormonde), ‘Approximately a number of babies born in U.S. to unauthorized immigrants declines. About 295,000 babies were born to unauthorized-immigrant parents in 2013, making up 8% of the 3.9 million U.S. births that year, according to a new, preliminary Pew Research Center estimate based on the latest available federal government data.’ (Ormonde) “Anchor Baby” has become a term used by anti-immigration proponents to evoke images of unauthorized immigrants crossing the American border just to have their child be birthed on American soil. Non-American birth parents intentionally arrange to have their child on American soil so that those parents reap the benefits of American citizenship while be unreportable due to the fact, that their child, as an American citizen, has anchored them to the country. In fact, the

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