Bis 220 Week 2 Information Systems Proposal Essay example

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Week 2 – Information Systems Proposal Take Me Back When Record Store A Business Proposal to Establish A New Nostalgic Music Store Prepared for Shelli Smith Potential Business Partner and Co-Owner Prepared by Cindy Johnson Entrepreneur October 11, 2012 Proposal Number: CJ20-01 Table of Contents Background 4 Objective 4 Goals 4 Proposed Inventory 5 Information Systems Table 6 Information Systems Overview 7 Summary 8 Background Shelli Smith and Cindy Johnson have been best friends and co-workers for over 30 years. One of their long time passions they’ve shared together over…show more content…
An Expert System is software that uses understanding clarification methods in areas where individuals would generally be checked. Each system is broken down in detailed problem fields. The disadvantage to this system is that the information of the fields is narrow. 2. Management Information Systems is a system that contains technology, information, and people, which are used to resolve business problems, such as the price of a product or other problems. 3. The Executive Dashboard is a computer interface that arranges information in an easy-to-read format. This system also delivers key performance meters that corporate directors need to run an effective business. 4. The Functional Area Information System is a compilation of smaller systems that are designed to perform certain activities by the marketing, sales, and payroll divisions that permit the whole

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