Bis303 Week 7 Casestudy - Marriage and Family Essay

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1. What factors bind marriages and families together? How have these factors changed, and how has the divorce rate been affected?

As stated in our text, various factors can bind married couples together, such as economic interdependencies, legal, social and moral constraints, relationship, and amongst other things. In the recent years some of these factors have diminished their strengths. The modern generation sees marriage in a different perspective altogether. Individuals today feel they are stable independently, they do not need to rely on their spouse for emotional or financial support. Many are career driven and soar to conquer their dreams over settling down with a family. Such untraditional views have increased divorce rates.
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Members of a stepfamily feel the need to define to the society their relationship, responsibilities, and obligations. For example when telling a story or referencing a member of the family as stepfather, stepmother, stepsister, etc… is an example of incomplete institution. One feeling the need to add “step” to “help” someone better understand. It is a society norm and widely acceptable. Instead of stepmother or stepfather, in recent years it’s become more common to refer to them by first name instead. I think that is the new trend and the change.

4. What evidence can you gather from observation or your own personal experience or both to show that stepfamilies (a) may be more culturally acceptable today than in the past and (b) remain negatively stereotyped as not as functional or as normal as first-marriage, nuclear families?

I have been of the impression that divorce and second marriages were not common in the past. However sitting here thinking about this question, within my family and my extended family, there are number of members that have remarried and there are step families. These members are not from my generation, they are from two or three generation before mine. So the question about acceptance now and in the past is questionable. My guess is that step families were always around, now people are more open about the matter. This makes sense as to why I didn’t know about these step-family members until now. As family trends are changing, people
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