Bishop Noll Application Essay

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The Bishop Noll community would benefit from having me as a member because I am a dedicated and committed student who strives to make a difference in everyday life through leadership, service, academics, and relationships. I think that taking on the title of warrior means accepting leadership and I have lots of successful experience with leading positions in academics, extracurricular activities, sports, and everyday life. Service and religion is a part of Bishop Noll’s mission that has always been an important component of my life, and I look forward to contributing my skills and experiences to that aspect of student life. I will contribute my academic ability to help the Bishop Noll community anyway I can and I look forward to taking advantage of any opportunities that will help me do that. I believe that making a difference in someone’s life through friendship, religion, or assistance is the…show more content…
I have, honestly, always performed to my best ability in all of my classes and I will continue to strive for excellence at Bishop Noll. I am very motivated and extremely hardworking in the classroom. My elementary and middle school grades on a difficult scale and is very competitive, but I have always managed to get high grades. My two older brothers have always motivated me to perform my best in school, and if I didn’t have them to push me I definitely would not have the self-determination and stamina that I do now. I have been on A or A-B honor roll for as long as I can remember but that is not because I am gifted or extraordinary, it is because I work extremely hard, have had excellent examples and teachers, and am incredibly motivated. I am very proud of the grades I have gotten and the work that I have done at my current school, and I look forward to achieving all of the goals that I have for myself in high
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