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Target market #1 Food wholesalers [pic] fairway market Fairway market locates in British Columbia. They have stores at Victoria which is the 15th largest metropolitan region in Canada. The produce department offers the best variety and quality of organic foods. "Today’s customers are focused on buying local whenever possible. At Fairway Markets, They are proud to be the conduit to bring local and international agriculture to customers' neighborhood via their stores." (Fairway market) PPL is an international company, they produce premium and organic pistachios witch fits the requirements of fairway market. In terms of the products they offer, PPL has highly potential to get the shelf space in fairway market. [pic] Longo Longo…show more content…
Hence, PPL can provide the products that satisfy the needs of whole foods market. Target market #2 Sporting Venues ■ Commonwealth Stadium ■ Rogers Centre Rogers centre locates in Toronto. Its capacity is 53,506. "It is one of the most dynamic and versatile entertainment centres in the world." So far, "rogers centre has achieved the highest honours in the stadium entertainment industry and is a leader in corporate environmental responsibility." (Rogers Centre) As a premium stadium, the quality of foods they sell are also high-end. In the meantime, rogers centre is associated with environment protection. Pistachios are high quality nuts, and its shells can be recycled. Hence, PPL has advantages to build business relationship with rogers centre. And once they agree to sell it, the amount will be large. ■ BC place BC place is built in Vancouver. It has 54,320 capacity. Meanwhile, the facilities are going to be improved and renewed which will be more efficient and save more energy. BC place also pursue "greener day-to-day operations". "They are developing an integrated waste management program to reduce waste and expand recycling." (BC place) In terms of their become green policy, the products they sell should also be green. PPL has the best quality of pistachios which are environment friendly. Therefore, BC place will be their potential client. And they will have large quantity demanded. Points of difference
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