Bismarck Research Paper

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Tariff Protection: Throughout Europe in the 18th-century agriculture and population increased significantly, resulting in an major increase in foreign trade. Most of the other European where close behind at first, even though British industry had a clear superiority. During the french revolution and Napoleonic wars the economy of France severely dropped. The Tariff protection was a governments way of supporting its economy by putting high taxes on cheap imported goods. This is evident after the economic crisis after the Napoleonic wars, the French responded to the flood of cheaper British goods in their country by imposing high tariffs on imported goods. This system was needed because national governments played an important role in supporting the industrialization. Bismarck:…show more content…
Bismarck was born into money and power, resulting in him loving power but he was also extraordinary practical about achieving his goals. He was a conservative leader who dominated German and European affairs. In the 1860s he entered into a series of wars. Bismarck was appointed a as chief minister in 1862, he declared that government would rule without parliamentary consent. This was evident as he continued to collect taxes even though it was not approved by the parliament. In 1866 Bismarck launched the Austro Prussian with the intent of expelling Austria from German politics. This war resulted in the retreat of Austria and the dissolvent of the German Confederation. Bismarck also followed in Napoleon II’s footstep by creating a legislature with members of the lower house elected by universal male suffrage. With this the constitutional struggle was over, and the middle class was respectfully accepting the ideals that Bismarck
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