Bismarck 's Influence On The German Empire

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Section 2. Investigation

Bismarck, to many historians, was known for his ability to manipulate the Prussian government, and alliances with other nations to achieve his goal to create the German Empire with the Prussian Kaiser as its leader. Through his idea of Realpolitik, to do whatever deemed necessary to reach a goal, Bismarck manipulated the different parts of the Prussian government and the Foreign policy to unite the German States under the leadership of Prussia’s Kaiser. The problem with Bismarck using Realpolitik is that he could have used illegal methods or methods that exceeded his authority as Prime Minister. Bismarck used methods that exceeded his given authority as Prime Minister, from 1862- 1871, to a small extent. The Kaiser had given Bismarck power that exceeded that normally given to a Prime Minister, but through the expansion of powers of Prime Minister before he entered office, many of Bismarck 's actions were found to be within his authority.

Bismarck followed his policy of Realpolitik to no ends, willing to exceed his given authority as Prime Minister. One of the illegal actions that Bismarck executed was for the Prussian military budget. When Bismarck first gained the title of Prime Minister, his first task was to pass the military budget that the Kaiser requested in the 1862 budget. The Reichstag had power over making decisions over foreign, and federal policies, laws, and the military itself. The Parliament, although not given the sole power for…
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