Bison's Liver

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The Sons Murder Scene

Dilan explained that the whole situation of being paralyzed and wanting to save your loved one, but being prohibited in such manner made her also feel powerless. This scene in particular developed a unique relationship between Leonardo’s character, Glass and myself. Being a parent myself, I responded to this section with tremendous amount of heartache. I suddenly found myself in his position having to witness the death of my own son. From that scene on, my awareness and understanding for Glass and his personal revenge grew stronger. His story became mine even thou I have never encountered such trauma. This particular scene enhanced to an understandable shocking point, which described the entire film.

Bison’s Liver
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I decided to play few moments of this scene to Dilan and allow her to express and analyze her perception of each take. She explained that she found this act profoundly fascinating when two strange men with lack of communication due to extreme conditions managed to form a relationship. This scene marked a crucial point of human loyalty and kindness that was lacking in other…show more content…
A movie based on a heartbreaking true story set in 1930s Denmark, where Einar Wegner played by tremendously talented Eddie Redmayne becomes the first transgender person to undergo a sex reassignment surgery. Gerda, played by Alicia Vikander progressed to the leading role rather than the supporting actor according to us. The story began by demonstrating two married and prominent artists living in Copenhagen, Denmark. A linear storyline illustrated the life of Einar, a landscape painter who gradually transformed himself into a woman. The film successfully elaborates the notion of true and undivided love. Although Gerda, complied with her husbands needs the narrative suggested a sense of loneliness within her. She embraced her husband’s true identity and came across as a nonjudgmental and understanding wife in a time where traditional representation of marriage was highly regarded. Throughout the film beautiful scenes where shot in an old-fashioned manner. Camera movement, light and setting were suggestive of a vintage era. Perhaps the most striking qualities of this film are the fact that this subject manner is still relevance till this
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