Bivalves In Burrowing Organisms

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Many bivalves are infauna organisms where they burry deeply more than 30 cm and live as permanent burrows where they will move deeper as they grow larger (Gosling, 2003). Although most of them are burrowing organisms, there is also group that live permanently attached on the surface or known as epifauna and epibenthos is groups that live in association with seafloor but also swim temporarily above it (Huber, 2013). Bivalve possess two halves of the mantle that are fused around the edges, with openings anteriorly for the foot and posteriorly for the exhalant opening where the water will expelled from the pallial cavity (Bunje, 2001) as shown in Figure 2.1. In addition, within this posteriorly is also located the inhalant opening that carried
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