Biyu Iposhimi: A Short Story

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The pungent smell of death filled the air. These were the dumping grounds on the outskirts of Xoheim, the largest city in the Sub-Continental Confederation, a fragment of China’s past. For years the government had been terrorizing the people ever since the end of the Great War. Being a small girl, Biyu Iposhimi was too young to understand why her family was punished for her father's profession as an underground journalist, but what bothered her the most were her grandparents untimely deaths a day prior to the move from Xoheim. Gas mask in hand, Biyu slowly stepped out onto the red and muddy ground. Tears filled in her mother's eyes while restrained by her father Saqui.
“Don’t go in Biyu, save yourself and run away. Run away from the evils
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She knew that these people had lost all goodness in them, but she was also lost in a society filled with darkness. If anything, she was the one who deserved Sook’s name more than ever.
“You have two options. Either stay in the house for the rest of your days or go past the Great Divide,” the man said.
Biyu knew however that there was a third unspoken option, suicide. Biyu was aware that the government would want Biyu to kill herself like the others before, but finally Biyu understood and saw through it. One person could not change the corrupt world in which she lived. Even though she disliked it, she knew the man was right that only a few people who are lost is meaningless to the system. Biyu closed her eyes and took one last look at her mother, father and beloved brother and headed toward the door behind the man.
Just as she reached the door, she heard a click followed by the words “Don’t move” coming from the man. Biyu knew that this was the first time in her life where her mortality was very close to ending. Biyu slowly backed away from the door and toward the man.
“Close your eyes and put your head down. No one is watching,” he said.
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