Bjb Manufacturing Company Quality Management Supplier Alliance Metrics

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* * * * * * * Part 4: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Supplier Alliance Metrics Week 5 MGT / 420 November 14, 2012 Shiva Shrestha * * * * * * * * * BJB Manufacturing Company produces high-end compact disc (CD) changers for the automobile aftermarket, which at this time has no quality program. The president of BJB wants his company to become the premier producer of high-end CD changers for the new car and aftermarket segments of the overall market. It is important to note that BJB is attempting to penetrate a new market segment in doing this. The leadership of BJB must ascertain the precise quality requirements of all new car manufacturers. The…show more content…
To supplement that, BJB will offer a standard 90 day warranty for its customers, which far exceeds the 30 day electronic industry warranty. BJB will also have a customer service department that will assist customers, and audio auto parts distributing companies with installation solutions, warranty information, and auto part locations. This customer service department would have extended hours to accommodate customers, and auto audio shops who have late services for their automobile service department. BJB will also have an online service component in place for online ordering, and online appointment setting. The customer service contact number will have a live person to help with relative products, and service issues. This online customer service component will make ordering parts, and scheduling service appointments easy and convenient to customers, and auto audio part distributing companies. This will give BJB a upper hand in quality service, because most audio auto parts shops doesn’t offer this service. Armand Feigenbaum Organization Involvement Approach In essence, Armand Feigenbaum’s approach to quality management focused on total organization involvement (Foster, 2007). In other words, quality management was everyone’s responsibility. Feigenbaum proposes a three-step process to improving quality involving quality leadership, quality technology, and organizational commitment (Foster, 2007). He believed leaders were responsible for

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