Bjork 's Seven Studying Techniques

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Bjork’s Seven Studying Techniques This study has come from cognitive psychologist who have done extensive research on the most effective ways of absorbing new information. The seven techniques of studying are allocating your attention efficiently, interpreting and elaborating on what you are trying to learn, making your studying a variable, studying a given item several times in intervals, visualizing information, then generating and retrieving. Using this techniques will properly improve your studying abilities. If you want to thoroughly be able to remember the information you are learning you must allocate your attention. Multitasking causes all activities or responsivities you are attempting to suffer. If you aren’t focusing hard you will have trouble retaining the information. Your minds ability to ponder a topic for an extended period of time is restricted. Your brain may get bored and start to wander, making it difficult to recall the information later. Take breaks while studying to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.
Interpretation and elaborating is a very important part of comprehending information. When interpreting information you are learning you must remember to relate the important points of information to yourself. Use “clues” to help you remember the material, understand and infer the lesson. You learn a topic in depth you are elaborating, processing into your own words. Elaborating on a topic it creates variability by thinking about it in a

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