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Away In Airdrie Summary ”Away in Airdrie” Is a short story by James Kelman. It´s situated in Scotland and deals with football. In the story we meet three characters. Danny, Uncle Archie, and Betty, Danny’s mother. In this short story, Danny is the narrator and we are reading the story from his point of view. Danny is going to Airdrie along with his uncle Archie to watch Glasgow Rangers play at Broomfield Park. Danny is ashamed of uncle Archie, who is an alcoholic football fan. Even though he is irresponsible he is also really generous to Danny. The point of no return is where Danny accepts to go to the café by himself, meanwhile Uncle Archie decides to go drink some beers with his fellows at a pub. Archie forgets about Danny and…show more content…
3. Describe the conflict of the story. How is the conflict solves? - The conflict in the story starts the moment Uncle Archie decides to give nephew Danny tips to buy cup of chocolate at a café, in the mean time Archie goes to a pub to get some beers. Archie drinks, beer after beer and forgets all about time and Danny. Danny waits outside the pub and hopes that Archie will come out, but it never happens, that’s when Danny finally decides to head home. Danny successfully get´s on the right train, sadly it crashed. That´s the conflict and the way it got solved. Obviously this conflict isn’t solved in the way it should be, uncle Archie should definitely have had more self-control. What Danny did was really mature, but maybe he should have had tried calling his mom. 4. Is there a message in the story? - The message in the story is to always think of family above everything else, nothing should come between a family and definitely not alcoholics. When an adult get´s a responsibility (A kid in this case) they should be more likely to understand that there would be nothing more important than the responsibility. Uncle Archie forgets all about that when he goes to the pub to get something
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