Black : A Black Person

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Black. A noun meaning a person belonging to a race of people who have dark skin : a black person. There is a stigma behind the word black as most non black people seem more comfortable with words such as African American or colored. Black seems blunt, in your face, politically incorrect even, but it is unapologetically exactly what I am. As a black person, most of my youth has been spent trying not to be defined by the color of my skin, but unlike Caucasian skin, it is something that cannot be ignored or disregarded, it is the first thing that people see when they see my face, and so being black has gone beyond merely what I am but who I am. Being black especially in our country comes with a lot of assumptions and beliefs about who we are as people and what our value is to our society. More obvious assumptions are that black people are less educated than Caucasian Americans, therefore making us "lower class" citizens. One of the most demeaning ways that people showcase these beliefs of black Americans is through their preconceived notions about what "talking black" is. Their definition of "talking black", meaning that black people talk in a manner that predominately uses slang words and swears, without proper grammar. One might ask 'how do you know this? ', 'it 's not as if you can testify what other people are thinking? ' Unfortunately several non black people have taken upon themselves to tell me, in a shocked and slightly impressed tone that I don 't "talk
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