Black African Of Renaissance Europe : Treatment And Impact

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Juliana Surratt
Mrs. Burton
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13 May 2016
Black Africans in Renaissance Europe: Treatment and Impact Perhaps the first people one thinks of on hearing ”Renaissance Europe,” is Shakespeare or Michelangelo. Yet those well known figures who have not been lost as the wheel of time grinds forth, and who still have a great impact in the artistic world today should not be considered the only people of importance from the Renaissance. There are other figures from this time frame who have greatly impacted the European mindset during the Renaissance, breeding in the people of Europe a sort of blooming respect for other cultures. During this time period, Europe was thriving with people from every corner of the globe; people trying to survive and make a name for themselves. Indeed, one of the most notable racial presences was that of the Black African. The treatment of these peoples within European society reflects the thought systems of white Europeans at the time, a thought system which is, unexpectedly, one of more respect than not. It is undeniable that the idea of white privilege and superiority affected the mindsets of white Europeans, but there was a sort of exoticism with which they regarded blacks, and their social interactions ultimately led to a newfound admiration bordering on acceptance, an admiration which would be a necessity for a future of equality. The majority of Black Africans stepped onto European soil as property. Indeed, slavery was…
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