Black Algae Research Paper

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While algae decreases the appeal, function, and value of your home, roofing contractors in Frisco TX are helpful in preventing and removing this unappealing growth on your roof. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar with this dark green or black growth on your home’s exterior surfaces. Using this guide, you will understand how black algae develops on your roof and learn the best options for removing this unappealing growth. Black Algae: Explained Although surprising to hear, black algae is not really black in color. On lightly-colored shingles, the algae appears as a dark, mossy green. However, on dark asphalt shingles, algae may appear dark brown or black in color. Black algae, or Gloecapsa Magma, can develop on homes in varying climates,…show more content…
This excessive amount of moisture can cause shingles to warp, loosen, break, or fall completely off, damaging your roof. Unfortunately, without quality shingles, you may suffer with leaks and expensive water damage inside your home. Cleaning and Repairs As a homeowner, you most likely do not have the experience to make necessary repairs on your roof, but you can remove the algae with a little effort. Before getting started, take the proper safety precautions to avoid falls from the roof. It is smart to have a helper hold your ladder before climbing on top of the roof. Also, wear shoes with rubber soles, which are slip-resistant. Then, add the following ingredients to an outdoor sprayer: 2 gallons of warm water 2 gallons of white vinegar Spray the solution across the streaked areas of your roof and allow to soak for a few minutes. Rinse with your garden hose. If you notice damaged shingles, contact roofing contractors in Frisco TX to repair or replace warped, broken, or lose shingles. Investing in this professional help will prevent future issues such as leaks and water damage inside the home. To hire roofing contractors in Frisco TX to prevent and protect your roof from the damaging effects of black algae, contact Elevated Roofing at
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