Black Americans And Indian Americans

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Black Americans and Indian Americans
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This paper explores the cultures of the dominant Indian-American culture and the Black American ethnic communities. Their way of life including their historical pasts, languages, religious ways and social relations will be deeply enumerated. A comparison will be included and similarities and differences drawn between the two groups. The groups will be compared on how they can interact in a professional setting and lastly it will depict how the two can interact with the dominant ethnic group on all aspects. Introduction
The United States of America has always had a diverse population of people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. As a
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The US minority groups include the blacks, Asian Americans, Hawaiians and American Indians. Based on gender, men are the majority while the women are the minority with the religious category including the Muslims, Amish, Mormons and Roman Catholics as the minorities. The class that will be considered and laid emphasis on in this paper is the ethnic classification. The rich cultural diversity that the Indian Americans and African Americans brought into America can be identified through their cultures and how they interact and relate to one another. Through this paper, I will discuss the elements of each culture, compare and contrast the differences and similarities and how the two may interact with the dominant group as minority groups.
Most of the African Americans in the United States have their roots deeply embedded in Africa. The Africans were held captive in the US from 1555 to 1865 when the slave trade was rampant (Tishkoff, et al., 2009). The African Americans had numerous titles such as Negroes and Colored, but the terms are no longer accepted in English and currently people of the ethnic group are referred to as African Americans or Blacks. The Blacks originated from the numerous ethnic groups from mainly the Central and Western Africa. Another minority group originated from eastern and south-eastern Africa. The different groups may have been different
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