Black Americans And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The Civil Rights Movement affectively gained black Americans use of public accommodations, the right to vote, fair employment and housing opportunities. Although, legislation had been passed the spirit of racism and segregation remained in American society. Gaps between black and white societies widen leaving black American men public enemy number one. Historically black communities are plagued with poverty, unemployment, violence and high incarceration rates. Subsequently, black children have a higher chance of growing up in single parent homes, becoming gang members or inmates. Wood states (1994), “In the fall of 1995, Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, and the Reverend Benjamin Chavis, Jr. organized the first Million Man March” (p.96). In a stated of desperation seeking solace black men from across the country converged on Washington D.C. to atone for their sins and reconcile with one another. Much like the previous march on Washington, The Million Man March was a call on black men in America to address the current state of their community.
Literature Review
Cane states (2001), “Permanent unemployment, the elimination of welfare, and the assault on Medicare, intensified police terror, an overflowing prison population and the speedup on death row all speak to the impulse to genocide inherent in the policies of the racist rulers” (p 45). This quote illustrates how black people have been oppressed by the government.

According to
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