Black And Blue By Anna Quindlen

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The book “Black and Blue” was written by Anna Quindlen. This book was based on a story of a women named Frannie Benedetto who got married at a young age to a police officer who brutally abused her. What makes this story even worse is that there was a child involved. The husband never abused the child, but the child did witness what was going on to his mother as he helplessly heard or watched the commotion. Frannie after twenty years came to the decision that she had to leave her abusive husband. Frannie was a nurse and with the connections of the hospital, she met this women who helped other women that suffered from domestic violence. With the resources of this women, Frannie was able to successfully escape from her husband and relocate to Florida. Frannie leaves everything behind in New York and the identity of her and her son completely changes. The success of the escape does not last for long. Robert, her son was only ten and was not ready for this transition and he constantly missed his father. Robert eventually contacts the father and because his father was a police officer, he had the resources to trace the call and find his wife and son. Frannie survives another brutal attack from her husband, but she loses her son who takes off with the father and disappears. What I enjoyed about this book is that it makes me anxious to keep reading. The story picks up quickly after the first chapter and I am intrigued. My curiosity on what is going to happen next expands. There are
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