Black And Brown Youth Were Criminalized By The State Similarly

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Black and Brown youth were criminalized by the state similarly in the Progressive era and the era of Globalization in order to facilitate a political and economic project that resembled colonialist events. Through the structure of law in relationship to capital facilitated by discourse and ideology, the development of police brutality against people of color was adjusted as the city of Los Angeles (L.A) grew. With the influx of White European descendants and immigrants, the alienation and discrimination of Brown and Black people became so egregious as to consider them the racial other. Inasmuch, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) became social control agents, suppressing labor unions and radical political organizations to protect…show more content…
Discourse from newspapers fostered public hysteria. A raised hand coming from a Pachuco that was misinterpreted for a Nazi salute started the riot in 1943 (Pagán pg 22). As attacks from White servicemen, civilians, and police officers expanded to all Mexican Americans and even African Americans, community members began to retaliate (Escobar Pg 2). The rioting didn’t subside until U.S War Department declared L.A “out of bounds” to military personnel (PBS).Yet, the goal of servicemen rioting was to exercise the power to humiliate and shame Mexicans back into their own private spaces by stripping the Zoot suits off(Pagán pg 30). During WWII, African Americans grew sentiment against war and discrimination, so they created NAACP and CORE (congress on racial equality). In Birmingham, police beating and homicide in 1941 reignited battle against police brutality. The “Red Summer” of 1943 began when a Black army private defended a Black woman from a policeman. The murder of the private sparked the riot in Harlem that resulted in 6 dead, 550 arrested, and 1450 stores damaged or burned to the ground (Kelly pg 26). In addition, the Japanese community almost disappeared when they were removed for “public safety” from L.A homes to internment camps in 1942. This forced them to sell their properties under the market price (Pagán pg 12). Rufus von KleinSmid, a respectable figure in L.A but supporter of eugenics was the person to propose internment

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