Black And Queer Identities Functions Within A Modern Context

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The article has three sections that it focuses on; first, it introduces intersectionality and reconceptualizes heteronormativity, then offers a review of research on the black family given an intersectional context, and lastly it discusses how the intersection of black and queer identities functions within a modern context. First, they redefine heteronormativity to include race, class, gender and sexuality. They posit heteronormativity as inherently racist and cite that literature up until now has mainly offered a stagnant, rather than fluid, dichotomy of “the heteronormative and the queer” (MAIN 1). Secondly, they argue that there are two main schools of thought when analyzing the black family, that of pathology and that which …show more content…

Companies were pandering to LGBTQ folks long before the discussion of marriage, thus involving them in the family norm of engaging with capitalism. As this article primarily deals with intersectionality, it is important to begin with the definition offered by the two authors.
“Intersectionality has been articulated to understand the mutual ways in which the discursive and structural elements of race, gender, class, and sexuality intersect to create unique experiences based on social location and complex relationships of power and oppression” (3).
Unfortunately, I do not believe that the authors talked about these intersections a great deal, but rather focused on simultaneously occurring results of oppression for both LGBTQ folk and black people. The goal of intersectionality is to see how identities coexist and interact with one another and identify areas of conflict. While previously stated that I don’t think the article does this everywhere, there are several arguments made that are necessary to our examination of the lives of queer families of color, which I argue is key to our understanding of LGBTQ families in general. Towards the end of the article, they show that “transgender and LGB people of color are

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