Black And The Black Panther Harlem 1969 Essay

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I couldn’t stop staring at his picture. My hands tightly gripping onto the photo for dear life. In it, was a man wearing all black and had an afro the size of a big o’l bush. His facial expression was tight and firm as if no one could break his concentration. His hand clenched into a fist and raised to the sky. Surrounding him was a group of other young African American men and women, all wearing black attire with afros ranging in all different sizes looking straight ahead. I turned to the back of the photo it read, Black Panther Harlem 1969. I placed the picture beside me and picked up the remote control, passing through a series of channels, I stopped on channel thirteen, PBS. Black power was a movement that had evolved from previous generations, which displayed struggles to acquire change and equality for black people in America. It was a very moving time for America where white people witnessed African Americans coming together and organizing movements against the government. Individuals such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Williams, Rosa Parks and many other influential individuals, who paved the way for a new generation to bring forth change to the black community. This was a period where laws and regulations such as Jim Crow, segregation, and voting discrimination became illegal and therefore overturned. This was the opportunity for African Americans to fight back and speak out to bring forth social changes to their communities as

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