Black And The State Of North Carolina Essay

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The data that I chose to examine is black population in the year 2010 and income in the past 12 months below poverty level. I obtained these tabular data from the North Carolina Linc website ( The data for the black population in the state of North Carolina is the official record of Census Bureau. The Census Bureau gathered this data through people who associated themselves as being “black or African American” (NC LINC- Data definition). The second variable that I chose to examine is the North Carolina counties where the income in the past 12 months falls below the poverty level. According to the Institute for Research on Poverty, the U.S. Census Bureau measure the poverty level by “comparing pretax income to the three times the cost of minimum food diet” (How is poverty measured in the United States?). Unlike some people, my prior knowledge on these subjects was very minimal until I read the article “The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates article focuses on stratification, social class and class system in the American society. The article had very interesting and shocking point which made me measure them first hand through the use of NC LINK and ArcGIS online mapping software.
The variables that chose to study were the black population that the North Carolina counties reported in census year of 2010. I normalized that data by dividing the number of black population for specific county by the total population of the county to get a

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