Black And White Photography. By Pranjal Bhatia. Introduction.

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Black and White Photography By Pranjal Bhatia Introduction Photography is a scientific art of creating images by capturing light on a light sensitive material. Mist and fog converts the world into a natural monochrome with a soft stillness to it. Our eyes might not see in black and white but the human brain knows to appreciate the art that a monochrome picture is. Black and white cameras were existed since the 1930s and for an average user it might just seem like an old technology that has been replaced with the new cool go pros and mirror less cameras but for photographers and art lovers it’s still an asset. Black and white does not necessarily mean removal of color, it requires its own way of seeing. Film photography allows one to have…show more content…
Light and shadow is more obvious in absence of color. At the same time it does not take away from the composition of a picture. A strong composition still tends to be a strong composition minus the color. Since now we no longer have color to interest the viewer, one is able to appreciate the curve, the shapes and the texture, which otherwise may go unnoticed. Monochrome film photography allows one to learn and express emotions in their art differently. Great examples of this are the movie from 40s. They depicted all the emotions-death, love, and happiness with shades. Color usually makes this process very easy. Another use of monochrome is for shooting nudes. Eliminating color removes the smutty component from the picture and allows one to appreciate the naked body as piece of art. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of black and white photography is its timeless nature. Black and white is still considered a piece from photographic past as it adds a timeless quality to the picture. Film Photography Digital is great for color and can be pretty good for black and white also but in order to add the three dimensional sharpness. Most of the black and white cameras sold today are second hand from the 90s. Digital cameras have color sensor dots to sense the color while producing a picture. Today film photography is of two broad types; these include

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