Black Blacks And Black Men

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“Historically American laws have reflected the truth behind how white men feel about black men. From the Black Codes, to the Jim Crow segregation laws, to the war on drug policies, to stop and frisk, to now stand your ground there has been no evolution. Emmett Till, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, and Justin Davis are all illustrations of this.” - David Banner David Banner’s statement speaks bounds of how society has progressed in attempts of ending discrimination against black bodies. It is clear society hasn’t changed at all. Since ink dried from the stroke of a pen onto notes of past historians, black bodies have always been categorized as subhuman or inferior compared to whites due to the color of their skin. Black boys who become men,…show more content…
Thus black males will continue to fall victim to an overtly oppressive state, in which black presenting bodies have incessantly been deemed subsidiary. Written by Jerome G. Miller, Search and Destroy: African American Males in the Criminal Justice System, searches to define how hostility surrounding black male bodies came about, why hostility remains, and how society essentially keeps black men in chains even though slavery ended almost four hundred years ago. Miller primarily focuses on American sociologists and journalists, both liberal and conservative, role in oppressing black males and the many statistics created that projected future confinement of black bodies, including incarceration rates and injustice they would face as well. Throughout the text the audience is taken on a journey with Miller as he struggles to define the complex relationship between black males and the criminal justice system. Miller begins his text describing how the criminal justice systems’ alias, the correctional system obstructs black malehood. The use of correctional instead of criminal is used to place shame onto the body. Although both words are similar, correctional is used a signifier ones mental state or capability is on par with societal standards. Meaning bodies are put in this facility to be fixed or enhanced to fit standards of the outside world. In fact, this tactic is used as a shaming
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