Black Boy By Richard Wright

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Black Boy Research Paper

Richard Wright was born after the Civil War but before the Civil Right Era. If he were writing an autobiography titled Black Boy Today (2016) about a black boy growing up in the United States, he would write about racial profiling against blacks, the wide education gap between black and white, and the unequal job opportunities for blacks.

If Wright was to write Black Boy today, he would examine the phenomenon of racial profiling because it is one of the most serious and longstanding issue in today’s society. Many black are being targeted for suspicion of crime, and in some cases, murdered by a law enforcement officials because of their race. On August 9, 2014, a white police officer named Darren Wilson shot an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown multiple times in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the news article “From Ferguson to Charleston and Beyond, Anguish about Race Keep Building” by Lydia Polgreen, even though there was a video tape showing that the black teenager was unarmed, the grand jury still decided not to indict the police office because they believed the old assumption that African Americans are more likely to be criminals. “Grand juries have tended to give the benefit of the doubt to police officers. National polls revealed deep divisions in how whites and blacks viewed the facts in each case. Whites were more likely to believe officers’ accounts justifying the use of force. Blacks tended to see deeper forces at work:…

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